Roc-lon No.540 Unbleached Organic Cotton Fabric, 15-Yard

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Roc-lon No.540 Unbleached Organic Cotton Fabric, 15-Yard Description

Roc-lon No.540 unbleached, 100% Organic Cotton, 54’/137cm wide, 100% organic cotton-certified as 100% organic -meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), 15 Yards, machine wash cold, delicate cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low heat, cool iron, uses include: sewing, quilting, crafting and dying. Special Note: As 54′ unbleached organic is untreated muslin this makes the fabric a particular favorite of dyers (the fabric accepts dye and other solvents easily) . the fabric also readily accepts wax which has a number of wellness and beauty applications. Rockland Industries, Inc. was established in 1832 as a fabric bleaching and finishing plant north of Baltimore, Maryland during the early years of America’s emergence as a textile manufacturer. The standards of quality Rockland Industries, Inc. created and has consistently improved upon, provided the foundation upon which the Company has become a world leader. At the same time Rockland has helped make the Roc-lon brand name a sought-after label wherever textiles products are sold. With dedication and imagination, Rockland’s Research and Development efforts have consistently produced and marketed innovative and functional products for residential and commercial applications. At Rockland Industries the future is even brighter than the past. Rockland is positioned to expand both the scope and volume of its products. Using the efficiencies of ‘Just-In-Time’ inventories to service its customers, as well as state of the art equipment and unparalleled expertise in bleaching, printing, flame resistant, coating and processing countless custom applications, Rockland is stronger and more dynamic than ever as it reaches close to two centuries of operation. Note: This product is not intended, promoted or suitable for use in children’s sleepwear or robes in size 14 or under.

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